Welcome to the ICMPD Silk Routes Online Training Platform. The Online Training Platform is the online hub for accessing digital and distance learning courses and related training material on migration topics tailor-made for migration, law enforcement, social and labour authorities and border management agencies across the countries of the Silk Routes Region.

The Online Training Platform is a single point of access for:

  • Participating in pre-scheduled distance learning courses, including live tutorials, e-learning courses and assessment and evaluation activities
  • Essential reading on various migration topics

The training courses are intended to support government officials in operational and managerial positions across all Silk Routes countries acquire and advance knowledge, skills and operational capacity across all domains of migration policy and migration management, including:

  • Legal and Labour migration
  • Trafficking in Human Beings, Smuggling of Migrants and Irregular Migration
  • Integrated Border Management

The Online Training Platform currently supports deliver of technical capacity building training under the following projects:

Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes Countries  funded by the European Union, aims to maximise the development potential of migration and mobility within the Silk Routes region and towards major labour receiving countries as well as to establish comprehensive regional responses to migration and mobility with full respect of human rights and protection of migrants. The specific objectives are essentially to strengthen the regional dialogue based on shared and clear understanding of migration and mobility between the Silk Routes countries and European counterparts; improve migration governance and mobility; operationalise the Migration dialogue.  

Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes Countries – The IBM Silk Routes aims at supporting Silk Routes countries increase their strategic and operational capacity to manage open but secure borders following the principles of the Integrated Border Management (IBM) concept. The project supports training for senior staff, operational staff and specialists in all relevant border management agencies, in particular for border and immigration police, coast guards, customs, armed forces and migration authorities, as well as training institutions of these agencies. Training topics are grouped under the following headings: strategic border management, border control operations, fight against cross-border crime, trade facilitation, as well as general support in areas such as project management or language skills.

Both projects encompass strong technical assistance and capacity building components that is reflected in the content of the Online Training Platform.

    Available courses

    Advanced Training on Document Security for Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistan

    The fraudulent use of identity and travel documents represents a threat to the security of countries and their citizens, the economy, and global commerce, as it facilitates a wide range of cross border crimes and terrorism. Funded by the EU, ICMPD is organising a tailor made training on document security for FIA officials working at four major international airports in Pakistan to strengthen their capacities in forged document detection, profiling and decision taking during the 1st line document check. Delivered over four days, the foundation-level interactive training is focused on topics such as Basic Document Awareness, SubstratesPrinting Techniques, Additional Security Features, Technical and Tactical Profiling, Impostor and Morphing Detection, including several case studies based on international practices in this area.

    The training aims to:

    - Deepen understanding on customs investigation process and techniques.

    - Discuss international best practices in the field of customs investigation.

    - Outline main requirements in implementation of Custom investigation function.

    - Provide policy guidance for strengthening of customs investigation function.

    - Identify present level of development of Customs investigation function as well as help them to prioritize the areas for further technical assistance.

    Remote Training for Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Document Security.

    This online course is being delivered by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in cooperation with the Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency Training Academy.

    • Start date: 26 October 2020
    • End date: 29 October 2020 

    Remote Training for Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on ‘Raising awareness of Irregular Migration, Smuggling of Migrants, Trafficking in Persons and Border Management in Pakistan’.

    This online course is being delivered by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) in cooperation with the Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency Training Academy.

    Course for national officials and border personnel

    • Start date: 8 June 2020
    • End date: 3 July 2020